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Yard landscaping for next year begins this fall. Raking the lawn ensures your grass won't smother under fallen leaves. Winterizing putting your plants to bed properly, sheltering them where possible from the winter.

It is a good idea to take measures to protect your landscape.

A proper cleanup is the secret to a successful landscape

Fall planting allows the roots to become established through the winter

Fall planting eliminates very hot days, days that can quickly dehydrate any plant life. Water not only promotes

new root growth, it also provides protection from hard freezes


Because trees and shrubs continue to lose moisture in the winter, deeply water trees and shrubs before hard frosts begin.


Mulching at the base of the newly planted fall tree is also very important because it retains moisture in the soil

and keeps weeds to a minimum.

Fall lawn care for cool season grasses includes ensuring that lawns receive enough fall water to carry them through the long winter.



Trees are perfect landscape plants for the fall planting season. In the fall, dormant trees suffer less transplant shock and take root quicker because of high moisture in the soil. Trees established over the winter months

deal with spring rains and hot dry summer conditions better than those planted in the early spring



Shrubs planted in autumn months continue to establish and develop new roots until the soil temperature falls below 40 degrees. A landscape shrub planted in the fall becomes dormant above ground, but the root system continues to mature resulting in a healthy plant in time for spring leaf and flower growth.

If you have flowering shrubs, some might need fall pruning. Summer-flowering shrubs develop buds during the early spring. The best time to prune them is during the dormant season, right before winter or late winter.


Seasonal Flowers & Plants

Annual Pansies and Kales, Asters and Hardy Mums Perennials.

Plant a portion of your landscape with fall blooming perennials that benefit from development over the cold weather months. Removing the blooms will transfer vital energy and nutrients to the root system, leading to

great flowering the following fall.


Tulip Bulbs

Planting on or near the first frost date will ensure a beautiful springtime garden.

By taking the time in the fall for garden and lawn maintenance, you will enjoy the rewards the following spring




We offer complete pre-winter yard care for your property to prepare for colder weather.

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