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Get your yard where you want it to be for the upcoming seasons. Cleaning your yard, as well re-seeding you lawn, can be a great way to help liven up your yard for greener grass the following year.


Prepare your lawn for the Summer. Below are just a few spring cleanup services we offer:


   •  Power raking - This removes the matted down dead grass and clippings. When this is removed,

      water, nutrients, and air can more easily be absorbed into the soil. Removal of thatch is also helpful

      in preventing fungal (Brown spot) and insect problems.


   •  Over seeding and top dressing bare areas with peat moss.


   •  General clean up of Winter debris for proper lawn maintenance.


   •  Re-edging your large planting bed areas ensures a clean-cut and finished appearance. Cultivation

       will provide a fresh appearance while promoting better air, water and nutrient exchange with your



   •  Refresh existing mulch and pull weeds out.


   •  Pre-emergence herbicide is applied to open planting areas to help control weed growth during the

      growing season. Pre-emergence will control a majority of weed seed germination.




   •  Mowing                                        •  Fertilizers application

   •  Planting bed work                        •  Shrub maintenance

   •  Mulch installation                         •  Plant watering

   •  Mushroom compost installation   •  Weed Control (Dandelion, crab grass preventer)




Pansy - Annual

Tulip bulb - Perennial

Daffodil - Deer resistant

Forsythia - Shrub

Rhododendron - Azalea

Magnolia - Tree

Redbud - Tree

Pear- Tree

Crab Apple Tree

Allium - Bulb

Iris - Perennial

Hyacinth - Bulb

Lilac - Shrub

Peonies - Perennial Late Spring

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